Hey, this is a quick introduction on how our app can help inside Slack. With this app, you can

Turn your message into a task, ticket, request...

What if your message can have custom fields, assignee and state?

As you have seen, you can choose a message, use our custom message action Turn this message into to attach a form to it, and turn it into a task, request, ticket, or whatever, then you can send it to a channel, assign it to a team member, and track its state.

Wait, where does the form come from? It's created in our web app. You can do it after you add our app to your Slack workspace and get your Contalist account created.

Manage your contact information inside Slack

Search for contacts by keywords, edit their profiles, and more use cases to explore

To find John Smith, just type something like /contalist john smith. We will show the contact information to you, then you can edit his data or click the phone number to make a call.

You can create forms to store more information about your contacts, for example profile, membership data, etc.

To add a new contact, use command /contalist +, and click the Contact button in the popup.

Let's get started

Please click this Add to Slack button to install this app to your workspace. ( We will also create a Contalist account for you )

Add to Slack

Before trying with your message, make sure our app has been added into the channel. You can do it with command /invite @Contalist, otherwise our app will not be able to put messages into your channel. Now you can start to make your messages actionable.

If a team member want to update the message or assign it to himself, he will need to create his Contalist account first. When he tries to make an update, we will send him a message with a sign up link.

Q & A

1. How to create a custom form?

A custom form is a group of custom fields. They are created at the settings page in our web app. It's quite simple, you can have a look at the example forms automatically created for you when your account was created.

Custom field types are limited to text, selection and date in Slack. Although in our web app it's possible to create custom field for phone numbers, URL, numbers, they will become text field in Slack. Please aware of this.
The only exception is Contact. You can create a custom field of Contact type, then in Slack you can search for a contact ( that is a contact stored in our app, not some team member in Slack ) and set him/her into the custom field.

Emojis are available!
As you can see in the first video, just like when editing a message, you can use shortcode like :fire: in option texts to show

2. When updating a message's state, why do I get 'No state has been set'?

You need to set the states, for example New, Working in progress, when creating the form. Simply type the states into the State textbox in the custom form page, separate the states by newline. Then the states will be available in Slack.

Feel free to contact us at if you need any help.