Contalist for Trello

Work with your contacts without leaving a Trello card

Contalist is a simple app that can help you manage your contact data and do contact related tasks easily. This PowerUp allows you to access the powerful features provided by Contalist from a Trello card. Get ready to explore the incredible flexibility of this Trello + Contalist combo!

With this PowerUp, you can

1 Add contacts to your card

For example, you can add a contact field for client, then in a card you can click the field, search for the right contact and set him/her as the client. Contalist will help you manage the data for this client. Here is how it works inside a Trello card.

2 Create actions to send messages to contacts

For example, to send your quotes to a client, you can create a mail template for quotes in Contalist, then create a Send Quotes action in this PowerUp. A Send Quotes button will be added to your card, below the contact fields. If you click on the button, a personalized quote message will be sent to the contact. We can help insert data like the contact's name, order number and your Trello card description, into your template.

3 Schedule messages or send messages automatically

Create automation to schedule email or SMS messages to contacts, send notifications when a card is move to another list or a comment is added.

4 Use it as a contact or CRM app inside Trello

You can edit your contact data, enrich your contact data with custom forms/fields, add contacts to groups, keep notes, etc. More features like importing contacts, adding custom fields, are available in our web app.

Now Let's Get Started

After adding our PowerUp to your Trello board, you need to sign up for Contalist first if you don't have a Contalist account. Click this sign up link to create your Contalist account, then follow these steps to get started.

1 Set up your Contalist API key

We use your API key to connect this PowerUp with Contalist. You can find your API key at the API & Integration section of your Contalist account page. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy it.

Now click the Contalist button at the top right corner of your board, then from the dropdown click Edit API Key. In the popup, paste your API key into the text box and click the OK button.

Clear the API key or disable this PowerUp, your board will be disconnected from Contalist.

Need to work with multiple accounts?

If you are working on multiple projects, you may want to use a second (or even a third) account for some Trello boards. It's possible to set an API key that only applies to the active board. You just need to copy the API key of your second account, and paste it into Advanced Settings section.

2 Add contact fields to your cards

Once API key is set, click the Contalist button in the top right corner of your board, then click Setup to open the setup popup. In Contact Fields tab, fill the field name and click the add button. A new contact field will be added for you.

Now if you open a card, you can see a section for contacts has been added to it. And in the contact field, you can search your contacts by name, email or other keywords, and set him/her as a client or something.

Under the contact, there are a few links. If you have the contact's phone number and email address, you can just click the phone number, e.g. (xxx) xxx xxxx, to call the contact, or click the email address to start compose your message in your email app. It will use the default call app & mail app on your device to reach out, you can change the app at your device's system configuration if you like. Click More details to view all the contact's data in a new popup. If you need to delete the contact, click Clear.

By default, when your search for a contact, the field searches from all your contacts. To search from a contact group, for example Staffs, select Staffs for Filter contacts by this group when setting up a contact field.

From Show this field in these lists field, you can choose one or more list names, and the field will only be visible when the card is in the selected lists.

It's also possible to show custom fields with a contact field. If you choose a form (for example Shipping Address) for Show data from this form when setting up a contact field, once you set a contact to the field, Shipping Address form will be loaded for this contact. You can easily view the information below the field.

NOTE a contact field is actually a link to a contact which is stored in Contalist. It is NOT designed for information like contact name, email, etc . You can find and edit these information in the contact page (by click the More details link) or at our web app.

Your settings for contact fields (and also actions) will be apply to the current board. If later you add this PowerUp to another board, you need to do the setup again, and to save your time, you can copy the settings for a board to another board by clicking on the Copy Settings button and choose the right board that you want to copy from.

3 Add actions to a card

To create an action, go to Contalist > Setup, then in the popup click the Actions tab. You may be asked to do authorization if you haven't give us the authorization to access your Trello card. We need to access your Trello card to retrieve, for example the title, then we can do mail merge to insert it into your message templates.

Give your action a name by filling the action name field, then choose a message template for the next dropdown list. Click create a new template link to create new templates in Contalist. In Send mails to these contacts, choose the contacts that your mail will be sent to.

Add yourself to Also BCC to this group if you want to be BCCed when your email is sent to a contact. Check Review the messages before sending them if you want to make sure everything is correct in your message. Check Send mail automatically when all contacts are set if you want you mail be sent automatically, which means you don't have to click the action button. Also you can set Show this action in these lists if the action only makes sense in some list.

Now open a card, you will see your action button under the contact fields, something like this.

After you click your action button, Contalist will schedule and send your message in 5 minutes. You have a chance to cancel it at Contalist > Dashboard. In the Actions tab, you can check the log of actions, newly scheduled actions have a scheduled label and a Cancel button. Completed actions have a green completed label.

Action required before sending a message

Before sending emails, you need to set up an email account at your Contalist settings page. Log into Contalist and go to 'Settings > Misc.' page, you can add your email account or set up the SMTP service at the 'Email Service Setup' section.

Also you need to do the authorization, so we can get your card data from Trello and insert them into your email/SMS templates with mail merge.

4 Schedule messages with automation

You can schedule, for example reminders, follow-ups, messages like these with automation. It works like this.

Suppose you have a card for an appointment with a client, you have set the client to the contact field Client and set a due date for the card. Now you want a reminder to be sent to the client one day before the due date.

What you need to do is to create an automation at the automation tab in Contalist > Setup page. Just fill the automation name, choose Schedule messages for automation type, and select Client as the recipient of your reminder message. Then for 'Message #1', choose the right message template, and select '1 day before due date' for When to send this message. You are done!

What if I want to send another reminder one week before the due day? Click Add another message, and fill the fields. You can add up to three messages into your schedule.

After you create an automation, click the start automation toggle in the top right corner, and we will start schedule your messages. And you can go to the automation tab in Contalist > Dashboard page to check the status of your messages. To cancel the messages for a card, simply unset the due date.

We need your authorization to receive notifications from Trello when you set/changed the due date, so please follow the authorization flow before starting set your scheduled messages.

We can also send messages when a card is moved from a list into another or when a comment is added. Use automation creatively!

To check this guide again later, click the Contalist button in the top right corner of your board, then click Help. Any question or comment, please contact


1 Why am I asked to set the API key again?

Answer: The API key is stored in your browser's local storage, so if you move to another browser or device, or clear your browser data, you will need to set the API key again.

2 I'm using your PowerUp in only one board, but it asks me to upgrade to a paid plan.

Answer: In our free plan, you can use our PowerUp in one Trello board. Our statistics may not be up to date, you can ignore the upgrade alert if you have disabled our PowerUp in other boards, the alert will disappear in a few hours.

3 I have added a contact to my card, but other team members cannot see it.

Answer: Your team members need to set the API key to connect the Trello board to our service too. They can use your API key, or use their own API keys after they sign up for our app and join your team.

4 Why can't I see my contacts in the Trello mobile app?

Answer: Our PowerUp is not available in mobile app yet. It is built with a framework provided by Trello, now the framework only supports browser and Trello's desktop app. We will support the Trello mobile app once Trello makes it possible.